Bruce Allardice

Modfied April 5, 2014
Professor Bruce Allardice

Published Historian on the Civil War
Published Historian on the history of Baseball

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Professor Allardice has spoken to, among other groups:

  • Chicago CWRT
  • Deep Delta CW Symposium
  • Houston CWRT
  • New Orleans CWRT
  • Knoxville CWRT
  • Kenosha Civil War Museum Symposium
  • Milwaukee CWRT
  • Atlanta CWRT

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Two Years Before the Paddlewheel: Charles F. Gunther, Mississippi River Confederate (2012), Professor Allardice's latest book, traces the curious career of Chicagoan Charles F. Gunther, a German-born Yankee trapped in the South by the onset of the Civil War.

More Generals in Gray is "a splendid book," "indispensible"

Historian Robert K. Krick

"Ezra Warner's Generals in Gray has stood for more than a generation as an indispensable reference work on the Confederate high command. Bruce S. Allardice has produced a book that stands as a worthy sequel to Warner's. All students of the Confederate military effort should add More Generals in Gray to their collection--and also should give thanks to Allardice for the painstaking research that went into the creation of this impressive tome."

Professor Gary W. Gallagher

Confederate Colonels is "a must-have book" by "absolutely one of the finest researchers in the field"

Historian Ed Cotham